वास्तु: इन खास रंगों के प्रयोग से ऐसे बनाएं 2017 को अपना रंगीन साल....

वास्तु: इन खास रंगों के प्रयोग से ऐसे बनाएं 2017 को अपना रंगीन साल....

Vastuspeaks about colours.....   

Spiritual Desk. Lets add some colours in 2017 and give a beautiful beginning to this new year

As per vastu... How Colours plays a major role in our life? 

  • Colours creates energy.. harmony.. happiness... purity. gives us .. power ... sometimes plays with emotions etc... COLOURS play a major role in vastu and every colour has its own energy ...and quality!! So you can use colour as per directions to get good results in your life .. 


1:Blue: blue colour contains cool vibrations...blue colour is good in the direction of NORTH.It Brings opportunity in our life . 

2:Green: Green colour is the symbol of growth. ..and this colour contains powerful energies of nature... So you can add this colour in the direction of EAST . The zone of social activity. 


3: RED:  RED colour represents power.. .passion and lust ‼It can also mean danger .. !! As per vastu the direction is SOUTH . The zone of social recognition and fame 

4: YELLOW: Yellow colour represents stability.. and awareness if balanced . If excess it makes us lethargic..!!direction is SOUTH WEST .The zone of Skill.. family bonding...marriage. 

5:GREY/ white: grey colour represents warmth ! Direction is WEST .. zone of gains and profits. #for e.g. ... if we use reverse colour in direction like black / grey or white in EAST it will effect on our social connection/ growth so avoid these colours in east direction!! # Still if you don't want to use directions colour you can go for off white or cream colour in your full house #Add proper colour in your home  and at your work place and make your life easier.. and happening.


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